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A little bit of History and the walls of Lucca

Lucca was founded by the Romans. In fact, the word Luk, where the name Lucca probably comes from, means ‘marsh’ in the language of the Liguri/Apuani, an old population that was co-existing with the Etruscans in the hills of Lucca. True to its name, Lucca sits on a wide plane of marshy land, an hour […]

Restaurant and Bar Culture

Lucca is home to a thriving bar and restaurant scene. You’ll find traditional Tuscan fare like Tordelli, a delicious meat-filled ravioli-style pasta, on the menu, as well as wild boar, cinghiale, salted cod or baccala – often served fried, alongside more relaxed, trattoria-style food. Gluten-free visitors can rejoice, as the ancient spelt grain forms the […]

Music and Festivals in the Region  

For a little city, Lucca has a lot on! Its most famous event, the annual Lucca Summer Festival, has brought some of the world’s most respected and famous artists including the likes of Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Tom Jones and many, many more to perform right in the heart […]

Get out of town! Lucca as a Gateway to Tuscany & Liguria

Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage listed sites than any other country in the world, so you know when you visit you’re in for something special. Tuscany itself is world-famous, and we would be thrilled to help you discover not just Lucca but some of the more special parts of life outside the city walls. […]

Shopping and Artisans

Artisan Products Shopping in Lucca is an absolute joy. You’ll find handmade, artisan products on every street, with small, often family-run stores, lining the ancient cobblestone streets. This kind of casual relaxed approach reflects both the lifestyle of the city, as well as the care with which products are crafted. You’ll find shopkeepers happy to […]