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Artisan Products

Shopping in Lucca is an absolute joy. You’ll find handmade, artisan products on every street, with small, often family-run stores, lining the ancient cobblestone streets. This kind of casual relaxed approach reflects both the lifestyle of the city, as well as the care with which products are crafted. You’ll find shopkeepers happy to spend time with you to help you learn about their wares. This is the antidote to big malls and shopping centres!

From gorgeous leather goods, shoes and stationery and hand-crafted luxury scented candles to antiques and high fashion, to markets, there is something for everyone.

The history of the silk trade is strong here, including from the Guinigi family (whose namesake Torre Guinigi affords fabulous views of the city). Goldsmiths too form part of the traditional trades, and you’ll see that legacy living on.

Shopping in Lucca 

Via Fillungo is the place to start. Before you even get inside you’ll be dazzled by the shopfronts, some of which are decades old and bear the names of previous tenants. This is your street for jewels, leather, fashion and even some outlet stores if you’re looking for a designer bargain.

Close to Fillungo is the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. Don’t miss Le Sorelle, a gorgeous store set inside the piazza, which sells a collection of bespoke handbags, homewares and body products.

Via San Paolino is a good spot for more accessible fashion and leather and hosts incredible bakeries too and markets are held in Piazzale Don Baroni, outside the walls on Wednesdays and Saturdays, starting early in the morning.

Please remember shops are generally open in the morning until 1pm, with a break for a couple of hours, before re-opening for the afternoon and closing later in the evening. Most Italians take holidays in August, so stores may be closed for periods during that month too.

We are more than happy to recommend our favourite shops, help you find a special gift for yourself or someone else, or even organise a half or full-day tour as part of your time in Lucca.